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L2 General Coach

Matt has been a volunteer at Summerfields Gymnastics Club for over 5 years. He has been the one who has helped paint the gym in the Christmas holiday, re-do the changing rooms last year and any odd jobs that needed doing. After years of persuasion we finally managed to join us full time.

Matt is now in charge of all our maintenance. You only have to look around and see the impact he is having. With the help of Brenda and Peter the gym has had a total over haul and is looking fantastic.

Matt is also in charge of our parties. He has been taking the parties for about 3 years and is well known to children and parents.

To add to Matt’s list of accolades he is part of our coaching team too. He gets involved with the General classes and the floor and Vault classes. He is a qualified assistant coach who is looking to further his career in the near future.